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Giles & Antonia’s Party Video

Project: Party Video
Package: Classic Short Film
Categories: Surrey Videography


Giles phoned us one afternoon asking for our availability for a party he had coming up. He wasted no time in choosing a Classic short film from our selection of event videography styles and edit lengths. We weren’t sure of the reason for his party, we just assumed it was a birthday and got down to our usual planning. Only then did it become apparent that Giles and his wife Antonia have a lot of friends and didn’t really need an excuse for a party. Hence this was simply a ‘Garden Party’.

Video Production

The event took place at the couple’s home in Surrey in July. They are fortunate enough to have large enough grounds to erect a marquee and greet guests in their lovely gardens. They hired a ‘campervan’ cocktail bar, which greeted guests with delicious drinks and certainly proved a big hit during the evening. Giles enthusiastically mingled with the guests who enjoyed the Summery evening. As the Sun went down everyone then headed into the marquee where the host made a warm welcome speech. The band then kicked off the next stage of the night as guests were entertained to two sets of fabulous music. Then just after midnight as many other parties might be winding down, the party went up a gear with a ‘silent’ disco. Adding to the fun (and without disturbing the neighbours) guests donned headphones and danced energetically for several more hours to their choice of dance tracks!

Behind the Scenes

Our videographer arrived early for the event so we could capture plenty of scene setting shots as well as some of the event preparations. We are always mindful about what kind of story we can tell, but Giles and Antonia were very relaxed and just get on with things. We like to film events like that take place in one spot, it’s always much easier than say a wedding where we might have to pack all our kit up once or twice! The shoot went smoothly, although we figured that shooting an outdoor party at night would challenge even our larger sensor cameras. We decided to take the exposure to 4000 ISO but no more to avoid the picture becoming grainy and we’re happy with the results. Filming into the small hours might usually take its toll, but our videographer held on in there and no doubt amused himself watching the revellers partying in silence! We enjoyed editing this party video and do hope it brings back happy memories for Giles & Antonia

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