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TravMedia Corporate Video

Project: Corporate Video
Package: Filming + highlights edit
Categories: Corporate Video, Promotional Video, Exhibition Video, London Videography


TravMedia contacted us after viewing our portfolio for documentary and event filming. They were hosting a large event in a couple of months for the travel industry press and wanted a high quality film that captured the event. It was particularly important to them that it was visual and exciting so it would help them promote the event in subsequent years. After discussing various ideas with our creative director Andrew, TravMedia booked us. We were very excited and looked forward to getting our teeth into creating corporate videos. Over the 2 weeks before the event, we planned the production with TravMedia in more detail.

Corporate Video Production

The TraveMedia event took place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. Our videographers Jack & Hanif undertook the shoot equipped with an array of specialist equipment. We filmed the whole event from start to finish, beginning with people arriving and covering the diverse range of meetings between media practitioners and travel representatives. It was impressive just how diverse the countries and locations being represented were. The show was sponsored by Brand USA so they were a key people to interview. It was a long day, but an absolute hive of activity which provided lots of opportunities to capture great material!

Behind the Scenes

We decided beforehand to raise the visual quality of the film with a number of timelapse and hyperlapse shots. We also took our gimbal and slider equipment so we could create some really polished shots that would enhance the overall project. One of the challenges of the film production was capturing a large number of interviews from high profile and busy magazine and newspaper editors. Because opportunities often come at short notice, we had a dedicated set-up ready to go at seconds notice! Whilst editing the footage in the studio we took the decision to use special effects to replace another exhibitors banner above the door on the opening shot with the TravMedia logo. Bearing in mind this is a hyperlapse shot it involved a lot of meticulous photo editing. We were very pleased with the result but suspect the client thought it was there all along!


"Well done..looks excellent..thanks for the great work"

Henry Hemming CEO, email

Update: the client has since booked us for another project!

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