Best Wedding Videos 2013

Tiffanie & James Vimeo

As we come to the end of an amazing year – one in which we were voted in the Top 25 Wedding Cinematographers in the World – it seems like a good time to look back on our work and pick some of our favourite films.

Its impossible to define exactly what makes a project one our ‘best wedding videos’. However a great film should tell a story as well as have visual impact. This means our best work is always a fusion between our creativity and the character of our clients and their impressive events.

For 2013 we have selected 5 top wedding films that stand out for one reason or another. Each have garnered both critical acclaim and popular attention for the unique and distinct take on their wedding film genre. Here they are in no particular order.

Michael & Maria. Filmed at St Sophia’s Orthodox Greek Cathedral and The Royal Exchange

Bloomsbury Films ® | Maria & Michael’s Wedding from Bloomsbury Films ® on Vimeo.

We’ve chosen Michael & Maria’s film because it self-consciously attempts to evoke the momentousness and drama of an epic film. Getting married in the Greek tradition is a big thing, families often are involved in the planing for years. We wanted to portray the characters, whilst building the tension and excitement. We also felt the venues played a part in the grandeur of the event and wanted to reflect them too.

Ravi & Rina. Filmed at Kew Gardens.

Bloomsbury Films ® | Ravi & Rina’s Wedding from Bloomsbury Films ® on Vimeo.

Ravi & Rina actually had two wedding celebrations. This first one they organised themselves to be an intimate event (at least by Indian standards) which would be both elegant and enjoyable. However unlike many Asian weddings, they didn’t want traditional music in their film but something more Western. Amongst the tracks on their preference list was ‘You Got the Love’ by Florence & the Machine. In all honesty this might be the kind track we set aside because it is quite hard to edit to because of the opening lament. Its got huge swings in drama and emotion so you really need to be about to math the material well. It took quite a few cuts to get to this, but we’re very pleased with the results.

Tiffanie & James. Filmed at Old Royal Naval College and Claridges Hotel.

Bloomsbury Films ® | Tiffanie & James’s Wedding from Bloomsbury Films ® on Vimeo.

This was a much smaller and intimate wedding than the previous too which brings different challenges in creating interesting material without being too evasive. The two venues used in this film are superb and highly recommended. In particular, we’d never filmed at the Old Royal Naval College before, so it was a real treat for the film-makers eyes. Tiffanie and James had a humanist ceremony and their personal story was especially unique being a girl from Georgia and a boy from England.

Harpreet & Tim. Filmed at Southall Gurdwara & Syon House.

Bloomsbury Films ® | Harpreet & Tim’s Wedding from Bloomsbury Films ® on Vimeo.

This project has made many people smile because of the beautiful way it portrays the marriage of two people from different cultures. Its an example of why story-telling is central to good film-making. It should never just be about pretty imagery, grandeur or posed material, it should contain a degree of truthfulness and naturalness. We think it a simple way this film achieved that.

Tony & Francisca. Filmed at Mandarin Oriental London, The May Fair Hotel, Brompton Oratory & The Royal Exchange.

Bloomsbury Films ® | Tony & Francisca’s Wedding from Bloomsbury Films ® on Vimeo.

Tony & Francisca booked us after seeing some of our previous work. They both really wanted something special, so its quite fitting that their’s should also make our top 5 of the year. As you can see from the production, their event was incredible and it was a challenge for us to do it justice. However we’re pleased to say that on our return to The Royal Exchange we managed to build on our previous work and create something of great proportions that captures this wonderful couple and their event.