How Long Does It Take to Edit A Wedding Video?

Wedding Video Editing

We’re often asked by clients and prospective clients how long it takes to deliver a wedding or event film. I understand that immediately after a big occasion like this, there is a huge desire to re-live it all again. However film-making is not an off-the-shelf product, but rather a painstaking creative process that demands a considerable amount of professional time, thought and attention. Furthermore, to maintain our high standards, we don’t rush projects through the studio or hire inexperienced temps. Rather we give each project all the time it requires.

This means we usually deliver our films about 3 to 6 months after the event depending upon the time of year. Of course, our business is very seasonal, so it does mean we get bottle-necks with Summer bookings and a few may take a little over 6 months. However, we firmly believe the wait is worth it as our client testimonials clearly demonstrate. We believe the film we are making for you will become a piece of family history and the pleasure it will bring will soon overshadow the waiting.

That said we understand there are occasions when a film might be required by a specific deadline, such as to coincide with a special event or a second wedding abroad. For this we have a handful of ‘Express Edit’ slots which we offer clients at an additional cost. The surcharge is to cover the cost of overtime and weekend working to complete the project within 1 month. We only have 4-6 slots per year as we do not want to over commit ourselves – or fall into the trap of rushing a job that might then fall below our normal standards. Frankly, an Express Edit is not something we recommend, unless you really can’t wait!

However the are some ways in which clients can minimise the waiting time. Firstly, bear in mind we edit projects in the order in which they are ready for editing, not the order in which they were filmed. This is because some clients cause delays by not providing the necessary information to commence the project (eg their music preferences or credits) or have an outstanding balance. In these instances, the 3 to 6 month wait only begins when we have everything in place. Therefore, it important to settle such matters before the event (as we encourage clients to do) or immediately afterwards. Another tip it to consider hosting your wedding outside July, August or September when resources are most stretched. In our experience, April and May can be just as dry or sunny, whilst October, December and January are all very atmospheric months for weddings and are under-appreciated.

Of course, whatever happens you can be sure of our complete attention and commitment – we love making films and always want to do our best for you!


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